Getaway Weekend :: San Diaaago

Friday, May 15, 2015

Happy Friday! I've been crunching down lately, putting all of my energy into work, because next week Jimbo and I are heading off on a v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n. In T-minus 5 days we're hopping on a flight and about 10 hours later we'll be in Stockholm! We've been spending all of our travel energy (and funds) exploring the West Coast over these past two years so it's been awhile since we left the country - we can't wait to enjoy another culture again. Anyway, more on that later!

For now, a quick flashback to our weekend away in San Diego a few weekends ago. 

Oscar's Mexican Seafood the absolute best ceviche I've ever had, followed by the absolute best surf & turf taco I've ever had. Probably will be my first stop next time I'm in town!
The Duck Dive cute bar in La Jolla - they were super nice about letting us use the wifi for some work while we enjoyed the local San Diego beers.
Karl Strauss Brewery Gardens huge! great beer selection, beautiful gardens, perfect place for drinks with friends.
Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco Shop super unique and super delicious tacos. but not quite as delicious as Oscar's ;)
Lazy Hummingbird this place was adorable - just the perfect hippie dippy coffee paradise that I was looking for, complete with smoothie bowls, a wonderfully kind staff and outdoor seating.
Sushi Mori we were drawn in by a great happy hour deal, and it didn't disappoint! but, not the best sushi I've ever had.
Werewolf in the Gaslamp district, great for people watching (if you sit outside on the tiny patio like we did). Try the 'Papas Balls'. 
Cafe Hielo probably not worth visiting unless you're in the area (which we were) but I had never tried this kind of dessert - Korean shaved ice - and it was an amazing afternoon treat.
Common Theory Public House very cool spot for a great variety of food a million tasty beer options - we loved the little couch nook with games
East Coast Pizza - Hillcrest nothing more than your average pizza joint, except that it was AWESOME. The folks there were SO nice and they saved our lives when the 1 a.m. hunger pangs hit, so we love them.
Heartwork Coffee Bar amazing coffee + lovely setting + cute name = coffeeshop perfection.
Blue Water Seafood Market & Grill this was probably the longest line I've waited in for food in 10 years, but I had heard it was worth it WAS. Freshest yummiest fish ever. We loved the calamari and poke. 

Old Town San Diego most of the photos I have here are from exploring Old Town - I love any experience that takes you back in time like this! 
Ballast Point Brewery (& Distillery) I've loved Sculpin IPA for awhile but we don't get all the other Ballast varieties up in the Bay, so we loved doing some tasting at this brewery and checking out the spirits in their secret speakeasy.
Gaslamp Quarter wow, on a Saturday night this place was almost as bumpin' as bourbon street. people watching galore. I had no idea San Diego had a scene like that!
Coronado lovely houses, lovely beaches.
Tijuana Slough National Wildlife Refuge we enjoyed some nature and birdwatching, as we are wont to do ;). And you can see Mexico from down here, so we said Hello. 

Paradise Point Resort & Spa was pretty great - lovely accommodations and perfect location. But next time maybe we'll stay here ;) want to join?

This weekend will be for relaxing and prepping for our trip, with some fun lil plans mixed in. Enjoy your days!

Getaway :: Sequoia Fire Lookout Tower

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

There's a place in the Sequoia National Forest where you can camp with a view of miles of mountains and millions of stars. My sis was awesome enough to book a night there a couple of weeks ago for a little B-day getaway, so me, Jimbo & Steph drove down to the southwest tip of Sequoia and soaked in our little campsite-with-a-view. We hiked and ate and watched birds and had a fire, and jammed out to our favorite 90s tunes. We read hilarious, romantic and sad stories in the stuffed-full guest journals left behind in the hut, and wrote a 'poem' together (I use that term loosely) to remember the night by. We squished all the earwigs (sorry, earwigs) and tried to cure Jim of his fear of heights. We declared it OK to leave the door open on the cutest little outhouse you ever did see. We made a meal out of olives, cheese, salami and wine and fell asleep to the view of starry, starry skies. 

For more info on the Oak Flat Fire Lookout, click here

Ocean Beach and a 30th Birthday

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

On April 19th, I turned 30.

I always thought I'd be kind of freaked out by this birthday. If you asked me 5 years ago, I might have pictured an enormous farewell to my 20s (girls trip to Bali, going heli-skiing in Alaska, something like that). And I probably would have imagined being pretty freaked out by the prospect of turning a new decade (thanks in part to my kinship with Rachel Green, who as you know, didn't handle her 30th very well). But, as seems to be the case with just about every big change I've faced, by the time it got here I was ready.

Still, I'm one of those people who does care about birthdays. They mean something to me - a chance to check in, refresh, and reprioritize. And let's face it, maybe I like feeling a little bit special for a minute there (*insert blushy-smiley-face*). So the weekend didn't come without its good share of preliminary stress and troubles. Was it going to be special enough, something I'd remember down the line? Am I where I hoped I'd be at this point in my life? Was it going to be terrible without my family and besties (back in Boston) by my side?

Somehow everything settled in a few days before the big three-oh, when I realized I am where I want to be right now, in every way.  And I was lucky enough to celebrate with a weekend full of my favorite things: Jimmy, friends, the ocean, fire, camping, good beer, road trips, food, games, and music.

Here are some silly photos from one day of that weekend - bocce and bonfire on Ocean Beach.

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