Weekend Tiny Links

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Happy weekend, everyone! I'm up in beautiful Tahoe enjoying some relaxing girl time in the snow. Lots of reading, journaling, yoga-ing, skiing and girl-chatting going on 'round here. And maybe a little bit of wedding planning on my part :). I hope you East Coasters are staying safe and warm! Here are some links I enjoyed from around the web this week - hope you enjoy too. 

p.s. the pic above is of our teeny tiny kitchen -- full tour to come soon! :)

Links on Tiny Living

Many tiny-housers eventually go big.

Some thoughts on how to live in a small-house without killing your spouse.

Tiny house on water *heart eyes*.

Links on Minimalism

Benefits of simple living. 

Notes on building habits

Best of 2015

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Yeee! What a wonderful year it was. This yearly recap is always so fun to create - I love looking back and feeling so much gratitude for the year behind me. It's funny how my greed for travel and adventure sometimes has me believing that I don't go to enough places, or that I'm in some sort of rut (this happens a lot!). But all I have to do is take a peek back in time to see how golden life truly is.

This year Jimmy and I both turned 30, an age I'm loving and embracing in every way. I made some big strides at work and have met my goals of growing in my professional confidence and authentic leadership. We bought our first HOUSE! Tiny, yes, but a home just the same. With that change, we moved to a gorgeous new location, with a community that supports us in every way. It was our third full year in California, and we sunk into it in a whole new way this year,

It was hard to narrow our experiences down into groups of five but I gave it a go; here are my "top five" pics from 2015.

2015's Top Five:

Oscars Mexican Seafood, San Diego
Cheeky's, Palm Springs
Hanazen, Orinda
Plow, San Francisco
Pelikan, Stockholm

Sweden (Part I and Part II)
Palm Springs
San Diego
Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Yosemite National Park

Gold by Kiiara
Yours to Bear by HoneyHoney
Hummed Low by Odessa
Cloudline by Joseph
Demon by Shamir

The Revenant
Jane the Virgin
Black Mirror
Chef's Table

Tiny House
Blue Apron
Pons shoes
Madewell jeans

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up
Still Alice
Station Eleven
Super Sad True Love Story

I'm feeling so much gratitude, and so much excitement for 2016. Let's do it!

(p.s. Here are my "best of" posts for 2013 and 2014)

We're Engaged!

Friday, January 8, 2016

I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!! (Please see here if you need help getting that intonation right...).

Jimmy asked me to marry him on Sunday evening during the last night of our beautiful getaway to Joshua Tree. In true Allie/Jim fashion we were on an excursion down a long, beautiful dirt road, which ended in an amazing 360 degree view of Joshua Tree and the surrounding area. The sun was starting to set, we had the entire place to ourselves, and we were reminiscing on what a perfect vacation it had been. I always thought I'd be completely expecting it when the time came, but he really managed to surprise me (probably because he surprised himself)! Turns out the ring had been burning a hole in his pocket for days as he waited for the perfect moment, so I don't even think he knew it was the right time until about 2 minutes before :).

He even managed to get it on camera! Well actually, I did...I had set up our camera's self-timer for a long overdue vacation shot, and he embraced the moment, getting down on one knee just as the countdown approached zero.

Jimmy, I can't wait to continue this adventure with you.


In case you care to peek, here are some photos from our magical Eureka Peak sunset.

Last minute gift ideas for the stay-at-home shopper

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Okay, this month has been crazy. I'm sure I'm not alone right now in my last-minute gift buying flurry. Right? For those of you who have all of your gifts purchased and wrapped up all pretty under the tree, I bow to you!

For those of you who are with me in the last minute scramble to get something thoughtful and meaningful, I'll let you in on my three tips for last minute gift buying:

1. Gift certificates. These can be meaningful and personal, if you do it right. I'm all about experiences over things (especially now that we're in a tiny house!) so I know that I for one would be pumped to receive a gift certificate to a good restaurant, a favorite coffeehouse, a spa or yoga studio nearby, or any fun local experience. If you don't have time to grab it before you gift it, spruce up a card with a picture/description of what you're gifting and tell them "it's in the mail!" - everyone's happy.

2. A subscription of some sort. This was my method last year! These days you can get a monthly subscription to just about anything - meals, beauty products, stationery, bacon, beer, music - you name it.

3. And finally, hello Amazon 2-day shipping! Now, I'm a strong advocate of buying local and enjoying the shopping experience and I think/hope that most of us try that first, but if you're getting down to the wire here and have a few things to do over the next couple of days besides stand in lines and hunt for parking spaces, here are some ideas of what you can buy from the comfort of your home.

(by the way, this post is not sponsored by Amazon in any way, I just love Amazon Prime that much.)

By the way, every time you shop on Amazon you can support a nonprofit of your choice. Just go to and select which school or charity of your choice will receive a percentage of your purchase.

Now, 2-day shipping will only get you so far.... we better get shopping!
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