Our Wedding Video

Thursday, June 1, 2017

It's here! It's here! 

As you may have noticed, I'm a keeper of memories. I'm obsessed with it. Beautiful photos and videos and various ways of capturing memories so they can last forever - these are the things I get excited about. So, this extraordinary video, made by our amazing friend Micah at mwcreative.co, is one of the most wonderful, most meaningful gifts I could ever receive. He used his drone to get some incredible shots of our venue, Anvil Ranch. And he captured the exact essence of our day - in all of its beautiful, natural, imperfect, playful, heartfelt glory. 

Bay Area folks, you have to check out mwcreative.co - he works magic. Oh and don't you love this song? It's White Flag, by Joseph.

More wedding deets to come soon! Now if you need to find me, I'll be sitting here watching this video til the cows come home...


  1. #themostwonderfulweddingandfamilyandvideoever

  2. Everything about this wedding is perfection. you looked stunning - congrats you two!


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