Pink or Blue?

Friday, February 26, 2016

We had so much fun with finding out the baby's gender! It was such a special day. My mom was in town from Massachusetts for the weekend and she was able to join Jim and I for our mid-pregnancy ultrasound. I loved seeing our little one in there wiggling all around! Seeing the fingers and toes and cutie little profile was such a fun way to start the day. After the ultrasound and leading up to "the reveal" which we had planned for right around sunset, I got to spend a full day with my Mom, talking about pregnancy and parenthood, baby showers and weddings, traditions and lullabies. I'll never forget the time I had with her throughout that weekend, being able to talk to her in a completely different way - not only as mother-daughter, but as moms :).

We had decided that with Mom in town, to find out the baby's gender it might be worth doing one of those fun fancy, pregnancy reveals that are all the rage on Pinterest. But actually, Mom was my excuse -- I just really wanted to build up the suspense a little bit (I rarely get surprised so I figured I could create one for myself! It worked like a charm.).

We decided to bring the sealed envelope from the ultrasound to a balloon store and have them put colored confetti into a black opaque balloon, then mix that balloon into a bunch of other empty black that we'd have to pop them until we found the colored confetti (blue or pink, of course!). But before we went for it with the popping, we called our other parents on Facetime so they could enjoy the moment with us too (which explains the photos of us playing with our iPhones!). There were 6 balloons total...and the suspense was awesome. I popped the first one knowing there was a pretty small chance that it would be "the one". Jim went next. Then me and so on. As we popped we kept thinking that the next one would be it, but we got through FIVE and still hadn't found the confetti-- it turned out to be in the last one we popped! What are the chances??! (No seriously... what are they? I can't do that math and I really want to know...).

We finally popped the last one, knowing it was either going to be IT or that the balloon girl had messed up big time, and the confetti burst out brilliantly. I'll let you check out the photos to find out which color popped out. It was SO MUCH FUN and I highly recommend this method for anyone who loves surprises!

Thanks so much to my dear friend Alexa who was kind enough to document the moment for us! 

Here are some photos if you'd like to see:

If you couldn't tell from the jumping up and down pics, I was pretty pumped to find out that the confetti was pink!  Three cheers for baby girls!

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