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Sunday, February 14, 2016

I've got a little announcement to make.......

Jimmy and I are expecting our first bambino this coming July!

We are over the moon excited. 

And I cannot believe I'm over 19 weeks already - whaaatt? Where does time go? It seems like just yesterday that we found out. Jimmy was working on the house and I had gone back to the cottage (our previous home) to pick up a few things. I decided to grab a pregnancy test on the way (I was about a week late). It was literally the WEEK that the tiny-house rolled onto the property (talk about a big week in the Rowe-Ladio household!!) and Jim was working on leveling and raising the house. I took the test on my own in the quiet cottage, and I will never forget seeing those two bright pink lines. The drive and then walk to the tiny-house were the longest of my life as I waited to share the news with Jim. I was kind of freaking out -- a huge ball of nerves! When I got to him he started talking to me about tiny-house logistics but I must have had some crazy look on my face because he stopped mid-sentence and said "what's wrong?". I looked at him with my wide-eyes and somehow he saw the truth on my face, I didn't even have to say a word (he knew I was planning to take a test sometime soon but didn't know exactly when). He just said "REALLY!?" and I nodded and immediately burst into big happy/shocked/omg tears. He hugged me tight and told me about how wonderful it was going to be.

Here are some fuzzy iphone selfies we snapped right after I broke the news:

We have been overwhelmed with all of the happiness and support our family and community has shown.

People have also shown a lot of curiosity about how we're going to fit a baby into our 275 sq-foot house on wheels! We're definitely going to have to get creative about that but we're excited to make it work. We'll be sure to share as we go along!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

P.S. Gender reveal photos to come SOON.


Photo creds go to my beautiful friend Alexa.

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