Wedding Weekend: Party Party Party

Monday, March 19, 2018

As we approach our one year wedding anniversary...I think it's about time I close out this series of wedding photos! I can't believe it was almost a year ago that all of our family and friends joined us in the woods to sing, dance and celebrate. 

These shots are from the p a r t yyyyy....

The cocktail hour: where my amazing dad gave an amazing speech that ended with some amazing advice for Jim (wink wink, J, I hope you don't forget it), where the guac was unreal, where Ro napped in my arms, where our friends and family from all across the country were drawn to each other, and where my sis and I sang a little ditty and made people cry.  

The dinner: where Miguel rocked the fish tacos, where the guys started up "stump", where day turned into night, where top-notch tequila was consumed, and where Jimmy and I stole away for a sunset walk up the hill -- our first moment alone as hubster & wife. 

The dance party: where my sister's rendition of "Free/Into the Mystic" made my heart sing, where impromptu DJ BK got everyone on the dance floor (or, dance cobblestones), where I traveled back in time dancing with the best girlfriends a girl could ask for, where some beautiful grandmas took turns dancing and caring for Rowen in the way that only grandmas can, and where the whisky took it's turn. 

All photos by Love + Wolves Co.

Yeah... we didn't have any fun at all.

For those of you lovely folks who have been following along on my rarely updated blog here, thanks for your patience! I think after this year-long (or more) hiatus I'm going to get back to doing more updates on our tinyhouse, adventures, and what little Rowen is up to, so keep your eye out :).

If you missed it, here's wedding round 1round 2, round 3, the wedding video!


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