Pregnancy Post: The First Trimester

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My first trimester already seems so long ago! I'm already at 25 weeks and little Figgy is apparently the size of an acorn squash. I have honestly loved being pregnant and I want to be able to remember all of the fun (and less than fun) details, so I thought it would be fun to recap some memories here. Here's a glimpse at my first trimester!


Nausea. I honestly got really lucky here, and never had to run to the bathroom sick, but I certainly didn't miss out on the infamous "morning sickness" completely (which as you've probably heard or experienced by now, is certainly not just a morning thing!). There were many occasions, especially when in the car, when I was overcome by nausea and had to lie down. Christmas day in particular, I remember driving down Route 1 and enjoying the beautiful curvy drive much less than normal!

Exhaustion. I do not know how folks have 2 babes (though I guess I might see for myself one day), because my only saving grace during the first few months was that I let myself lie down whenever I needed to, i.e. all the time.  For a few months there I relished the early darkness and rainy days and would be in my bed as early as possible, literally at 7:30pm or so on some nights.

Sore boobs. This was my first sign of pregnancy - the sensitivity was intense!! Seriously a brush against them felt like a punch on some days. Noticing this symptom early is what encouraged me to go ahead and take a pregnancy test.

Dizziness. Holy head rush. I never quite got used to how slooowwwly I needed to get up from a seated position to avoid a crazy dizzy spell!

Bad cold. At Thanksgiving I had an awful cold that just didn't seem to go away, and I totally blame Figgy for this one! ;)


Flavored soda water, especially La Croix. I DOWNED this stuff. So many fun flavors!

Green freeze from Pressed Juicery. Oh my gosh yum. I loved the tart, healthy, sweetness of this sweet treat. If you haven't had your hands on one yet, you've gotta try it. Does anyone know of a juicery besides Pressed that offers their juice up in frozen form? Can't complain about a frozen treat that provides some green in your diet! 

Food in general. I was just straight up hungry, all day erry day.

Tart, fruity candy. In particular I loved starburst and tangy things like sour peaches. I also polished off a whole bag of old-school jelly beans one week (very different than jelly bellys!) with the help of Jim. I think that was a few weeks after Figgy was the size of a jelly bean and that "suggestion" from my pregnancy app made think of jelly beans every day until we had some.

Poptarts. I'm pretty sure that the magic of suggestive thinking was to blame here as well, because a friend of mine told me that she had craved poptarts during pregnancy, and voilá - that's all I wanted.
Cereal. I didn't eat cereal for years, and suddenly it's all I want (that one has been lasting the whole pregnancy!).


Cooking, especially meat. And eggs. But if someone else cooked them I was happy to partake.

Vegetables. What a bummer! I usually love my veggies, and of course I wanted to be eating more than ever to feed Figgy her nutrients, but I just hated the sight of them. Especially ones like broccoli and brussel sprouts (usually favorites). So odd.

Pregnancy favorites:

Reads: I enjoyed browsing through Bringing Up Bébé, What to Expect when You're Expecting, and Expecting More.

Podcasts/Apps: I became obsessed with birth stories for awhile there and found a bunch to listen to on the Pregtastic podcast. And the Sprout app has been my favorite pregnancy app - it has great updates on Figgy's development and I love the visuals. 

Style: When I started popping out a bit but was still fitting into my regular clothes, I found myself wearing my favorite aztec scarf (similar to the one pictured above) on many days because it kept me cozy when I wasn't feeling well, and could be draped in a position to cover my tummy-pudge. Towards the end of first trimester I started wearing my leggings a lot, and using the "hair tie trick" to keep my buttoned pants together without having to fasten the button ;). (See me for more info on the hair tie trick...).

Beauty: I've been religiously using my Bio Oil to help prevent stretch marks. It has worked wonders in the past on scars so I have high hopes! It's also a delicious treat to use L'Occitane's almond milk concentrate. It's smooth and luxurious and super moisturizing. 

Other: I have been chugging water even more than normal during pregnancy, so my Nalgene bottle is a fave!


Not much. I put exercise on hold for the most part due to exhaustion, but I did manage a few good yoga classes and walks around the trails nearby.

Memorable Moments

Finding out and telling Jimmy (which I dive into a bit here).

The first ultrasound. Watching the cute little heartbeat flutter and thinking, this is real!

Telling the grandparents. We were lucky to have pre-planned a trip to NJ to visit Jimmy's mom just a week after we found out, so we were pumped to tell her in person. I caught it on video and I'll love looking back at that moment :). On the same day, we FaceTimed with my parents and told them they would be grandparents (Figgy is the first grandchild on both sides). I screenshotted a few moments from that conversation and have looked back at them multiple times already, it's so fun seeing the emotion and excitement in their eyes!

The second ultrasound. Even though she looked less like a baby, and more like a little turd (it's true, she really did), it was so fun to see her moving and twisting all around! It was also wonderful to have Jimmy there for this one. His eyes lit up when he saw her appear in there. 

I'm only a few weeks away from the third trimester, so, more pregnancy faves to come!

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