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Friday, November 6, 2015

Welcome to our home!  We haven’t had time to breathe lately let alone take lovely photos so I’m incredibly grateful that Wind River captured these great snapshots before the house left Tennessee. I love seeing it as a blank slate. In case you’re curious, right now the house is a little less blank-slate, a little more explosion-of-boxes. But we’re getting there ;).

So, our house. What do you think? So far, we couldn’t be happier with the layout and design.  Wind River did an amazing job making our dreams come true!

Floor Plan

To find our perfect layout, we did loads of research and looked at as many tiny house plans and photos as possible. A few favorites (such as this and this) stuck out to us and helped us narrow down a few priorities:

1. Open layout main room
We preferred the idea of having one big room (the term “big” being used loosely here…) that would be a joint living/eating/everything area, rather than multiple smaller areas.

2. Un-lofted bedroom
Though lofted beds are adorable and very common in tiny homes due to their space saving abilities (and for some of the smallest homes, just plain necessary), we realized quickly that we’d much prefer a more “normal” feeling bed area. Jim is 6’4” and didn’t want to be crashing his head on the ceiling, I didn’t like the idea of getting dressed in a horizontal position (or downstairs), and neither of us thought it would be fun climbing up and down a ladder that often. 

3. Access to outdoor space
One of the main reasons we think we'll be able to handle tiny house living is because we're fortunate enough to live in an area with glorious weather. We knew that to keep us from feeling cramped indoors we wanted many windows, big doors that would open to a usable outdoor space, and a wide window with a bar for us to spend time at enjoying the view.

With these priorities in mind our builders sketched out a layout for us, and after a couple of back-and-forths we had the perfect plan.


Thank you Pinterest! As we all know, Pinterest is a magical way to gather photos and favorites, so we put together a board to help collect our favorite images. In some areas we were specific with our desires (i.e. I wanted white walls, dark floors and a bar in front of a wide window, Jim wanted copper pipes in the bathroom) and in some we were able to lean on the aesthetic of our builders which we trusted completely (we love the shingle detail on a small part of the exterior and the porthole type window they came up with!).  


We were hoping for natural, recycled, local, enduring. Wind River made it clear up front that they care deeply about using the best materials possible, so we trusted them completely with sourcing every piece.

On Wednesday we spent our first night in the home, and as we walked up to it I looked up at the sky and saw a huge shooting star. I think it means good luck :).

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