Wedding Weekend: Prep and anticipation

Monday, September 18, 2017

Last weekend, I got to be a part of one of the most wonderful and beautiful weddings I've ever experienced. It was such a treat to enjoy every moment of a wedding weekend as a bridesmaid, rather than as the bride. And it made me enjoy our wedding all over again, as I lived through the love, community, and appreciation that overwhelms anyone at a celebration like that. 

I've realized that one of my favorite parts of any wedding (or big event for that matter) is really the day of; the prep and anticipation. The nerves, the wondering, the excitement in the air! For us girls, the getting ready ritual is a big deal and it's where some of my favorite ever memories with my girlfriends live (#southie #primping). Girl talk, Robyn/Carly Rae/Britney, and the mixed scents of hairspray and perfume is an intoxicating combination.

But I'll admit, on our wedding day, after the delicious and calming yoga in the sunshine (thank you Wedding Yogi!), I was mostly a ball of nerves. We had a lot of that crazy DIY, last minute stuff going on. And while had helpful friends all around me taking care of things, I was the ringleader.  Once I was up in getting-ready mode with my hair in curlers, I felt even more helpless because I couldn't be out and about checking on things. Were the chairs being put up? Decorations pulling together? Tablecloths steamed? Playlists downloaded? Altar coming together? Our wonderful chef got terribly lost on the backroads (sorry, Miguel!) and arrived about 4 hours late, bringing me quite close to an anxiety attack in the shower. But when he did arrive, and when my amazing friends continued to reassure me, I was finally able to sink into the moment and enjoy every minute of primping and mimosa-ing with my favorite girls, and looking forward to the celebration to come. 

One moment from that day that I'll never forget is from the balcony when I looked out to see friends of ours from across the country and across generations. Helping, building, decorating and exploring; laughing and getting to know each other in the California sunshine. 

(p.s. I'm sure most folks are bored of this now, given that it's the looongest, sloooowest wedding photo reveal in the history of the world! But, for that darling handful out there, waiting patiently to see the rest of our photos - this one is for you!)

All photos by Love + Wolves Co.


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    1. I knew you were one of that "few" pumpkin!! :-*

    2. I examined every picture with the deepest joy Reliving this unique and beautiful day!!!...Jimmy and Allie's wedding celebration was filled with so much love it lifted everyone up and spilled with happiness all over the northern Sonoma Coast!!!

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