A Hui Hou Kauai (Until we meet again)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ah hello. Long time no see. I've been in Never Never Land for a while, taking a looong break from everything (except my partner in crime of course). It was wonderful! But I'm glad to be back, fully refreshed.

We were in Kauai, Hawaii (aka paradise), for two glorious weeks. Since then I've been on a week-long vacation hangover - my brain waking up slowly each day, my fingers feeling too jello-ey to type, my skin aching for warm waves and my tongue having daily cravings for poke and lau lau. Any tips on how to get (mentally) back to real life??

Well a photo share probably won't help matters, but I just can't help it. I might share some of the real camera pics later, we'll see (no promises until my Hawaiian brain wakes up thoroughly), but here are some iPhone captures::

Please, no trashum. 
So much plumeria. 
Polihale beach. 
Waimea Canyon
Kalalau lookout.

Aaaamazing breakfast bowl at Java Kai
Exploring Hanapepe. 
I saw all of my favorite sunsets. 
Our absolute favorite lunch stop (we went 5 times): Hanalei Taro and Juice Co.

I hope you're all able to shut off for a week or two this summer as well - it's oh so good for the soul :). 

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