Getaway Weekend :: Truckee for the 4th

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

It's hard to come back from a weekend like this. I already miss the life of lazy coffee mornings and exercise that feels like play and wearing the same outfit for 3 days straight and sunshine and beach games and fresh air and big laughter.

We visited our bests up in Truckee for the long weekend, spending time on all sorts of lakes. We stayed away from the big lake (Tahoe) in favor of lakes Donner, Serene, and Independence. We paddled, boated, swam and soaked in the sun. I realized that I love beach volleyball and can manage to stay on a paddle board.  We made fancy cocktails and not-fancy (but yummy) BBQ fare. I finished my book. We found secret spots with free boat rentals and rope swings. I bought a cute dress for Kauai and the comfiest shirt ever. Jim and I celebrated an anniversary.  It was the summeriest of summer weekends. 

Hope you're all recovering better than I am from your long weekends - cheers to July! 

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