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Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy August, my people! Rabbit rabbit. It's going to be a beautiful month.

This weekend, we will be taking it easy. It's a rare weekend of nothing amidst many weekends with many plans. Temps have been in the high 90s (at least) all week, so I hope to keep myself poolside and/or seaside all weekend.

I hope you have some good days planned for yourselves!


Here are some good links to send you on your way:

Have you checked out t.e.l.l. New England yet? It's oh so beautiful. Makes me miss New England a lot.

I love this list of 7 letters to write before you turn 70 - letter writing is such a lovely lost art that I feel I missed out on (being born a bit too late). I think I'll add some of these letters to my to-do list.

You haven't seen a Boston T map like this before - it charts out the best bar within walking distance of each T stop. I love it!

You may have heard about ways to workout at your desk before, but this all-inclusive list of 33 ways to "deskercise" actually makes me want to try it.

This article is all about something I've been working on this year - not letting perfectionism stop me from giving something a try and just doing my best at it. Worth a read!

Have you checked out these city guides offered by Design Sponge yet? (I linked to the ones in Mass. because, well, I love it.)

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