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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I hope everyone is enjoying the same bright sunshine and warmth that we are getting over here in the East Bay this week. We probably don't need the 100 degrees we're supposed to get tomorrow...but I'll take it!

Ok now that we've discussed the weather...can I get real for a second? I'm putting too much pressure on myself lately. I feel generally overwhelmed, like I'm not getting enough done to be successful and reach my goals. Every night lately, I feel a bit distressed, going over in my head the list of things I didn't get to or milestones I haven't achieved. Does this ever happen to you? A self-doubting funk? I enjoy setting goals and I always have high expectations of myself. Sometimes it comes back to bite me in the ass. 

Right now I'm wishing that I was traveling, exercising, blogging, reading and sleeping more. That I was working toward my long term goals and spending more time enjoying friends and embracing my hobbies more. That I was cooking, cleaning, shopping and learning more, and knocking way more off my to-do list at work.

I unload here because if there's anything I've learned from my experience in this ol' blogosphere, it's that in general, we "bloggers" (though I really hesitate to call myself that) have quite a lot in common. I'm constantly impressed by the goals, dreams, introspection, authenticity and beauty that I see out there in this community. I see people chasing dreams, taking risks, capturing the simplicity and beauty of life along the way. I can't imagine that it all comes without a few "ahhhhh panic!" moments, for any of us. I'm so grateful that when that happens, we all have the ability to get it out there like this. It helps!

Anyhow, although I do feel this way, what I know is that I'm doing fine. That it's my own mindset that needs to be altered, so I'm working on that. 

Because when I look at these photos from the past couple of months and I'm reminded that I have it pretty darn good. It's been an absolutely beautiful spring. 

1. best salad ever
2. tasting at St. George spirits - so amazing
4. pup snuggles
5 - 8. shots of a birthday on the beach
9. tiny flower / man hands
10. Easter display
11. simple moments with my mama
12. backyard martini
13. Tahoe beachin'
14. clear water / happy pups
16. new Miz Mooz shoes (on sale, I must say)

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