Getaway Weekend :: Bodega Birthday

Monday, May 5, 2014

I had the most amazing time with my family a couple of weekends ago. It was the first time that my brother, Mom and Dad had come out West to see me and my sister - we were so proud to be able to show of this beautiful area of the country which we've grown to love to much. It was also Easter, and my birthday, and one of the most beautiful sunny weekends so far this spring. 

It was also one of the only a few times that my brother, who is not much of a traveler, has been on plane. I felt so lucky to be able to adventure with him for the first time ever. Adventuring is definitely more my thing than his, but he was happy to partake, which made me happy. Dave is 7 years younger than me, which never feels like a lot when we're together, but growing up it meant that we didn't get the same amount of quality time that I did with my 2-years-younger, usually-side-by-side sister. Having him out here was my favorite birthday present :). **hint hint to David: move out to Cali!**

I soaked my family in long and good!! And it was my favorite weekend ever. Here are some scenes from the getaway.

*It's known to be true: Rowes know how to vacation*

Where we stayed: We stayed at an amazing Airbnb place with a beautiful view of the ocean (by the way, have I raved about Airbnb enough yet? It's not much of a secret these days, but if you still haven't checked it out, click here for my referral link). Bodega Bay is one of our favorite places to "getaway" because it's so close - it's just 2 hours, or a bit longer if you take the highly recommended Rte 1 coastal drive.

Where we ate/drank: 

  • Mexican at La Bodeguita was legit. Careful of that green salsa, it might try to ruin your tongue, forcing you to pound sour cream with your meal like never before.
  • Dutcher Crossing took care of us on my birthday with free tastings and an amazing fruit and cheese spread. I love them. 
  • Right down the street, we enjoyed a reservation by the creek at Truett Hurst, where we relaxed with some salami and their delicious Chardonnay. I could go for a glass right about now...
  • We also stopped at Quivira, with their lovely expansive organic garden - it's fun to walk around and enjoy the sun before or after a tasting. 
  • I've already talked about the chowder at the Bodega Country Store HERE and HERE - we just love it.
What we did: Took walks to the beach, played the Game of Things, cracked ourselves up for hours, played Pin the Tail on the Donkey on Tom Cruise's face (just b'cuz), tasted vino, ate ice cream, started reading The Goldfinch (b-day gift!), smoked cigars, and hugged a lot. 

Thanks for coming, Rowes - let's do it again soon. 

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