Happy Birthday to Jimmy!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

It's Jimmy's birthday today! In honor of him entering his 30th year on this earth, I wanted to make sure to post some pictures of his adorable face. And I figured I'd mix in a little #throwbackthursday action by taking a walk down memory lane. **Alert** this might be cornier than my usual post. If an overload of coupley photos makes you gag, turn back now!


The Story of J & A

Here's the day I realized my crush was for realsies - camping with friends at Acadia National Park 2010. Can you see that lucky-in-love grin on my face?? His face isn't quite as promising...but he came around ;).

Playing hooky from work to go cross country skiing in Western MA. This is when we're both like "aw, you're cute. Let's do this thing."

Jimbo pays me a visit in Boston from his program in Washington state and we overload on alcoholic whipped cream (yuck!) before going out with friends in Southie. Also known as, the first night Jim told me (and the whole bar) that he loved me. Magic cream = love potion.

Then we meet up from our respective sides of the country in Mexico! This was our first real getaway together. And we're both like, "traveling with you is super fun. Let's do more of it".

It's time for Jim to come home to Boston after his time in WA, so we take a long road-trip across the country and have one of the best adventures of our lives.

After a year in Boston we're like...let's road-trip again. But this time in Europe. Cobblestone streets, beer and brezeln here we come!

That spring we also decide to move to the West coast. And if we're going to quit our jobs and move our lives across the country...why not do something awesome in between? We sign ourselves up for the summer of our lives at Fattoria Barbialla Nuova in Tuscany.

Finally, Winter 2013, we move to the Bay Area. Now we've been here for just over a year, exploring all of the beauty that California has to offer
photo cred: Danny Indiana!

Happy birthday, Bobe! Can't wait for a thousand more adventures with you.

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