Not Feeling Mindful

Friday, March 7, 2014

***Radio Silence***

I've been out of the loop. Usually I'm not one to log just for the sake of logging, but in this case I know it will make me feel better. So, selfishly, I'm doing it anyways even though I know I have nothing much to add right now to these here interwebs. I've been a workaholic lately. I haven't been doing nearly enough of the things that recharge me: sleeping, exercising, traveling and laughing to name a few.  I can't preach what I'm not practicing, which is why I've taken a break from my mindfulness posts. But I know I'll be back at it soon! This weekend Jimbo and I are getting away to snowy woods of Tahoe with some of our besties. I know that it's exactly what I need. 

See you on Monday with a new week and new mindset. Enjoy the weekend, amici!

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