Sunshine Weekend in SF + Links

Monday, March 17, 2014

Charcutière at Baker Street Bistro
Tasting wine at The Vine

The Deadly Gentleman and Railroad Earth at The Fillmore

Did everyone enjoy some sun this weekend? We were pretty lucky with the weather out in SF - so I did a few of my absolute favorite things: ocean viewing, music listening, scooter riding, wine tasting, and city exploring. Hopefully you got some Vitamin D too!


Here are some links for your Monday:

This is a really interesting article about how marriages have changed over time, from the institutional marriage (focus on food , shelter, protection), to today's self-expressive marriage, where we increasingly look to our relationship for self-esteem and personal growth.

Speaking of relationships, I love the idea of this 10 Day Marriage Challenge (which I believe would be wonderful for even us unmarrieds).

Have you ever wondered where in the States we drink the most wine? I hadn't either, but here it is anyway :). Is it shocking to anybody that I've only ever lived in NH, MA, and CA (the bright pink states...)?

I love this list of the 10 best secret spots in San Francisco! Does anyone know how the hell to get on that hot tub list??

This makes me happy. Adorable.

I'm craving New England after flipping through this lovely winter ISSUU of t.e.l.l. 

Want some new goals for the spring? Here are 5 Intentions to Set This Spring from Free People.

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