Happy Anniversary

Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Anniversary, Momsy and Popsicle! Today my parents get to high five and raise a glass together in celebration of their 33rd wedding anniversary.

Maybe it's a bit random for me to post on this today - it's not their 25th or 50th (or anything ending in a 0 or 5) so what's the biggie? But. I'm so far away from them this year, and I've been thinking of them so much lately. And... I may or may not have forgotten to get a card out to them in time. So what better way to send your love 3,000 miles than via the interwebs??

Look at these cuties!!

My parents met as students at the University of New Hampshire, as little teeny tiny babies (aged 17 and 18). Appropriately, their first date was to a UNH hockey game (hockey is a big deal there, I should know, I went there for my undergrad as well!). My dad ended up driving the zamboni for the hockey rink as a student job for awhile, which is unrelated but pretty cool. 

They dated through college, taking some breaks for the summers as college kids must (Mom recalls dating a guy briefly during one of these summers who wore socks with sandals, so that obviously wasn't going to work). They inevitably stayed together and had a grand old time flipping each other's hair out, wearing bell bottoms and dancing "The Hustle". They got married on October 11, 1980. 

Gorg! But look, they only get better with age!

Thanks so much, guys - for everything you've given me and the sibs, and for teaching us that silliness, patience, date nights, and laughter are what keep a marriage going strong. 

Cheers to the next 33!

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