Good Eats

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

MmmmMmmMmm. I've been eating like a champ lately.

Care to drool?

1. egg and avo salad on greens
2. bitter caramel ice cream with hot donuts from The Penny Ice Creamery in Santa Cruz
3. tender pork belly with turmeric pickled daikon and green shiso from The Chairman
4. our favorite coffee from Pacific Bay Coffee Co.
5. quince black pepper ice cream in the best waffle cone of my life (Penny)
6. Ike's "Pinky & the Brain": halal chicken, onion Rings, swiss, teriyaki, wasabi mayo
7. homemade farmer's breakfast
8. calamari at Aldo's in Santa Cruz
9. spaghetti squash carbonara based on this recipe (winner of the ugly-but-tasty award)
11. fresh ramen with pork and soft boiled egg 

I hope everyone is enjoying a calm and joyful week!

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