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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

We have a special guest today - my lovely sistah Stephanie! Steph is one of the best shoppers I know, especially when it comes to antiques/vintage/consignment- and with all of the amazing markets around here I figured I should call on the pro to get a feel for Bay Area vintage shopping. Yesterday I finally got to join her at the Alameda Antiques Faire (it was ah-maze-ing) to see her at work, and I decided she should share a little something here about her vintage obsession as well.

Here are some photos from Steph's travels through the Treasure Island Flea and Marin's "French" Antique Market... 

A: are flea markets around here better than what you saw back East?
S: The Bay is where it's at. In Boston the majority of flea markets tend to revolve around cardboard boxes of American Eagle socks; you're not quite sure if you're thrifting or sifting through Free Craigslist accumulations. So, moving to the Bay was a breath of fresh air-- here you'll find the pretty, the prettier, the hipster and the delicious. 

A: what do you love about flea markets?
S: I love the mass amounts of inspiration that I get from walking down a few aisles. I love being in a sea of imaginative minds that are all scheming to create something the same way I am. I also am deeply in love with the west coast image and though I am a born and raised New Englander, I feel it is closer to my own personal style. The free and easy vibe, the eclectic mix of prints and color. Fashion stimulates and inspires me and I get that in its rawest form at the weekend flea. 

A: how would you describe your personal style?
S: I'd describe my style as comfy/versatile grunge. I love oversized sweaters, flannel, tees and tanks mixed with tight jeans, a fitted jacket, a beanie, doc martens and some dark red lipstick. That's my go to. I also love super girlie vintage dresses for nights out. Leather and lace. Anything colorful, comfortable and edgy that makes me feel good.

A: what are your best tips for flea/vintage shopping?
S: It's a good idea not to be too specific with what you're looking for. This is a vintage affair, not the mall. No one likes to be disappointed and it's less fun that way! Be open to items with a history that might have a nick here and there, but tells a story. My favorite things to look out for are jewelry, purses, wall decorations and the softest vintage tees around.

A: and a random one: what are your top 5 favorite smells?
S: The smell of rain on hot pavement. It brings me back to my childhood quicker than you can say "Salute Your Shorts". As well as old books, freshly made bread and bacon.

A: any last tips for us?
S: My most recent DIY interest is window panes, check out this link for a few ideas on how to use them. You can definitely find these items at the flea!

Thanks, Stephie! Come back anytime!

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