Getaway Weekend :: Sierra Nevadas

Friday, September 27, 2013

Happy Friday, darlings! 

I'm so glad to be getting around to posting these photos of our trip up to the Sierra Nevadas. This place is just glorious. Actually, these are photos from two trips combined since I never got around to posting the first weekend away, and we loved it so much that we returned last week! 

We stayed with our friends  in Taylorsville - a teeny tiny town in Plumas County, smack dab in the middle of the California, USA, Earth. In the middle of nowhere. Actually, right about here (see the star?):

Every once in awhile there is nothing I like more than being in being in the middle of nowhere. It feels so good. Have you tried it lately? Not only does it usually come along with a slower pace of life and a general sense of relaxation, but it also reminds you of how small you are on this big, vast planet. When you're surrounded by nothing but trees and hills for miles and miles and miles, what is there to worry about? I guess a huge part of it for me is the fact that when you're surrounded by "nothing", you're probably surround by nature. Systems that have been around for millions of years, that will keep doing what they're doing regardless of whether you turn in your report or get to the gym or return your library book on time. Humans need this reminder sometimes. 

So these weekends in the Sierras were good. Filled with gorgeous drives, sunsets, hearty meals, hikes, wildlife, dusty roads, creek dips...and stars upon stars. So I'll let the photos speak for themselves, as the simple ones often do.


Thanks M&T for hosting us :).

And thanks to all of you as always for checking in!

What does your weekend look like?? We have a few possibilities but nothing set in stone...I love weekends like that. Hoping to cross a few things off the list, see some friends, create something new and be outside 24/7 in this fresh weather we've been having. Have fun!

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