Wednesday, September 18, 2013

photo from our getaway weekend in the Sierra Nevadas

Listening to... Anders Osborne. I hadn't heard of him until a few weeks ago, but apparently he's been around for awhile. He uses a great variety of styles I love; Louisiana rock, soulful blues, reggae, etc. Check out Three Free Amigos, Marmalade, and Got Your Heart. I also am loving The Lone Bellow -- Jimmy and I are so excited to check them out on Dec 10th! They only have one album and I like every song...favorites are You Never Need Nobody, Teach Me to Know, You Don't Love Me Like You Used To, and Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold. Care to join us for the show??

Thinking about...all of the things I want to be learning all at once! I'm in the middle of a information overload. I want all of the articles and blog posts and lists out there to soak themselves perfectly into my brain. I want a bajillion hours a day so that I have time to learn and practice and apply everything that I have interest in. I've been a chronic link saver lately, my Pocket and my "favorites" folders and lists are filled to the brim with "things to read" or "courses to take".  Sometimes it's exciting; I've always loved to learn! But sometimes it's just overwhelming.  Does anyone have tips for how to deal with the constant overload of info we have at our fingertips nowadays?

Eating... delicious, massive salads. The school I work at provides an amazing lunch every day, and in an effort to get my veggie fill I've been skipping the "hot food line" (doesn't that phrase bring you straight back to high school?) and going straight for the salad bar. But the provided plates weren't quite doing the trick, so I brought in a large red bowl for my salads and now I'm layering and mixing to my heart's content.  Yum.

Reading...The Sun Also Rises (Ernest Hemingway).  I kind of can't believe I haven't read it before, it's been on my "to read" list for-ev-er! But I'm only on page 2, so I'll also share with you my most recently read book- Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. It was really, really good. In a stressful, page-turner, no-sleep-til-you've-read-it kind of way, but not necessarily in a life-changing way. I was just dying to get to the end to figure out the mystery! I love Flynn's writing style, she creates amazing descriptions and gets you to feel empathy for even her most hateful creatures. If you haven't read Gone Girl yet, read that first - it's what inspired me to give her other books a shot.

Watching... nothing lately, but all those shows are starting back up again.... I think I'll go back to New Girl, and Modern Family...and that's it. Let's keep it simple, in the interest of supporting my "learning overload" dilemma mentioned above!

I hope everyone's having a beautiful week. The sun has been shining and there has been a crispness to the air; I'm so thankful to be feeling some fall weather out here in Cali :). More pics up soon!

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