Autumn To-Do

Monday, September 30, 2013

Tomorrow's October! How'd that happen so fast??  The days around here are still warm and bright, and September went by in a heartbeat. But I have been waking up in the morning needing extra blankets, and pumpkin whatchamacallits have infiltrated every aisle at Trader Joe's... so I guess fall really is here.

Throwback to UNH Homecoming a couple years ago - the epitome of fall day in New England.

Here are some things I'd love to do this season:

1. Complete a 1/2 marathon
Might as well make this number one! Jim and I are signed up to run our first 1/2 marathon with some friends on October 26th -- the Healdsburg Wine Country Half Marathon. If you're going to run further than you ever have before, you might as well do it with friends, views of rolling vineyards, and massive amounts of snacks and wine waiting at the end. Dressed up like the Super Mario gang (yes, it's Halloween themed, hooray!). 

2. Embrace yoga
I'm rolling this one over from my summer to-do list. Weekly yoga classes are offered by my employer so I know I'll stick with it now, and thank goodness for that! It hurts so good.

3. Attend a fall festival
This shouldn't be too tough, there seem to be a ton of these around the Bay Area lately. Anyone care to recommend a favorite?

4. Make lots of soup
Yummm cool weather means soup weather. I went through a great phase once where I would make a big batch of tasty soup every Sunday. It was so nice to have fresh, tasty soup to heat up for quick dinners throughout the week. Let's bring that phase back! I'll start with these amazing looking Black Bean Pumpkin and Carrot Ginger soups.

5. Camp in the cold
In other words, just camp. Because most places we go will be preeettty chilly at this point in the season (at least at night). And I think I like that. The New-Englander in me is really craving that nippy tent wake-up.

6. Brush up on my DSLR skills
I've been slacking and sticking to "auto" mode - I'm so ashamed! Time to bring back the skillz.

7. Make holiday presents
Telling yourself to "get started early" on holiday gifts is a tale as old as time. Maybe if I put this in writing, it'll actually happen...

8. Drink mulled wine
This has been a Christmas tradition for my family, but every time I have that first hearty, spicy sip I think to myself "why don't I drink this all year long??". So here's to stretching out the mulled wine season. 

9. Get scared
I love love love Halloween, especially the eery, scary, creepy parts of it. Jimmy is kind of a scaredy cat so I haven't been to a single haunted house or seen a single scary movie these past few years!! Who can I get to join me??

10. Make a campfire
Let's end on an easy one. I find myself around campfires fairly regularly so this one is bound to happen, but I might as well make sure of it by putting it on the list! Nothing says fall like snuggling around a fire.

What are your goals this season??

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