Summer To-Do List

Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy (belated) Summer Solstice! What did you do to celebrate? We showed our visitors a good time, checking out a wine growers' party at Dutcher Crossing, watching the sun set and the supermoon rise off Mt. Diablo, and checking out the fine arts festival in our little town.

It's actually funny calling it "summer" out here since to us it has felt like summer since ohhh about February. But now that it's official, I decided to put together a to-do list of things I'd like to get done this season.

1. Do yoga once a week
It just makes me feel so good. I know that if I can stick to this I'll have a more calm, enjoyable, centered, and flexible summer all together. No excuses.

2. Redecorate my office
Since starting my job in January, I haven't done much to make my office "mine" except add a desk. Pinterest has been inspiring me; it's time for an overhaul.

3. Go to a Giants game
Though I WILL be cheering on my dear Red Sox this season, I think it's required that I go to a Giants game while I'm out here. I just want a hot dog.

4. Camp somewhere just to camp
Jimmy and I love to travel and we love to save money. Camping kills two birds with one stone because we get somewhere new and sleep for cheap, but we realized recently that we never get enough time to just BE at the campsite, making s'mores and lounging in the hammock.

5. Make an ongoing summer playlist
I've been craving new music like woah, and I've also been hearing a lot of good stuff but then forgetting to get it all together in a playlist for future listening. I'm excited to get a good one going on my Spotify. Suggestions?

6. Ride a scooter
This one's a cheat. We just bought a scooter, and I'm so excited, and I know I'm going to be riding it all summer!! But I haven't driven it yet (safety first, I'm without a helmet), so it still makes the list. Don't you ever put something on a list just to cross it off?? Pics to come. What should we name it?

7. Golf
I can't really believe I've never tried golfing. I was a beer cart girl for a few summers back in the day, and always thought I'd love to try golfing....and I'm pretty good at mini-golf...time to give the real thing a try.

8. Complete an online course
On Coursera and/or, or probably both. I just signed up for a nutrition class on Coursera, and I plan to get some videography and Photoshop training on Lynda. #learning!

9. Master myself a signature cocktail
I've been craving something new, light and different for summer. I'm thinking...grapefruit....and bubbles....

10. Camp next to a lake
Specifically, I'd like to hike-in to a deserted and gorgeous lake side haven with views of a crystalline lake and purple mountains majesty. Let me know where I can find this.

Wish me luck!


  1. There is so much beauty, love and inspiration in your words and pics!
    What a gift you have given to all lucky enuf to find this treat!

  2. Love your list, Allie! Thanks for sharing it. A lot of my summer to-dos are similar to yours. A bubbly grapefruit drink? Yes please!

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