Thursday, June 20, 2013

I love how Danielle does this Currently series; it's such a fun way to get/give a quick life snapshot.

I'm currently:

Reading...Dan Brown's newest book, and I. am. loving it. I thought I was over his stuff, but my dad suggested it to me knowing I'd love all of the references to Florence and Venice locations, Italian art history, and Dante's Inferno (I took a whole class on the Inferno when I was in college). It's a page turner.

Listening to... the new album What's the Skinny from Today Junior, an indie rock band out of Boston - check them out!

Inspired by...Molly's gorgeous new video. One of my big projects of this summer is going to be practicing my videography a bit!

Thinking about...potentially doing a 1/2 marathon this fall. I've never ran more than a 10k, and I don't really like running... but I would love to get back into a bit, and I'm pretty sure that I'd feel amazing after doing one! Plus Jimbo said he'd do it with me, and a lifelong dream of mine has been to have him as a workout partner! What do you guys think? Has anyone done a 1/2 marathon??

Loving...having Jimmy's mom, Patti in town!! I'm making a BBQ feast tonight and I can't wait to show off wine country to them this weekend. I'm also loving my new blog design, not gonna lie :). Thanks, Bobbi!

Have a great weekend, loves!


  1. LOVE the new website design and your new logo!! Annnnd I cannot wait to see you both in July in the Sierra Nevada's - we're counting down the days! Also, I am happy to hear you are still thinking about the 1/2 marathon this Fall. Tony barely ran much at all prior to this summer but we just finished a 5.5 mile run today! It is so much fun having a workout partner so I hope you and Jimbo decide to train together - Let me know if you need me to re-send you the team registration info again for the 10/26 wine race!

  2. What a great new design!
    Reading your blog not only brings me closer to you and Jimmy but also keeps me in touch with all of the wonder and beauty in the's addicting!
    Most fun is being here in the San Fran Bay area with you two and Tommy living your blog!!!
    From Danville to the Golden Gate Bridge, Stinson Beach Marin County, Sausalito, Muir Woods, Grizzly Point, UCal Berkeley, Berkeley Marina, the Tin Bar with the Nascar driver and the Sports Center debut ~13 beers on tap, Napa Valley, Dutchers Crossing

  3. Jimmmmmaaaayyyyy!!!! Do the 1/2!


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