Boston Meets Austin

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

There's lots to say.

Austin, I love you so much.
I was in Austin for the weekend with 15 other ladies for my friend Sarah's bachelorette party. Great choice, Sarah! I've loved Austin ever since Jimmy and I checked it out a couple of years ago, and I saw so happy to have the opportunity to explore it further. In just 3 short days, the 16 of us danced, saw, did, shopped, drank and ate so much. There's lots to say, but first for some photos, courtesy of instagram (follow me @allierowe).

As you can tell, we had no fun at all. ;)

Just a couple of highlights, in case anyone's planning an Austin trip (which you obviously should)...

What to --- in Austin.

  • barbeque. preferably at Stubb's, though I'm sure there are a bunch of amazing places. every last bite was drool worthy, especially when doused with their famous sauce. I'd love to see a live show there, too.
  • tex-mex. obvi! we went to Pelon's which we'd heard was great, plus it was right near our hotel (and coincedentally, right across the street from Stubb's!). they put together a delightful taco bar for us, which paired nicely with endless pitchers of sangria and margarita's. and queso dip. lots and lots of queso dip (try it).
  • food trucks. the SoCo (South of Congress) district has a wonderful bunch of them, and which Jimmy and I also experienced a couple years ago. So much fun. but sadly, it seems that they'll be dispersing soon. they will have to relocate somewhere though, so just look for nomad dosa, short bus subs, and crepesmille.
  • happy hour. tons to choose from. we picked a tex-mex place with a roofdeck, and managed to have a huge meal and 2 drinks each for less than $20 per person. me likey. 
  • live music. luckily, you couldn't avoid it if you tried! 6th Street is crawling with great live bands, and we didn't come across a single place with a cover. bar hopping is fun.
  • the beauty of SoCo. even if you don't go in a single shop or eat at the food carts, you'll enjoy yourself just viewing the wall art, the fairy-lit oak trees and spur of the moment street performances.
  • the treats of Uncommon Objects in SoCo. It's like a museum.
  • tube down a river. this was our favorite day. there are a bunch of places to do it 1/2 hour south of Austin - make it happen.
  • honky tonk!! we went to the Broken Spoke ("last of the true Texas dance halls") where a nice young man taught each and every one of us how to two step. feeling confident, we headed back downtown to Rebels Honky Tonk to show off our skills and watch people flail off the mechanical bull. this place was bachelorette party heaven.
  • shop. in where else?? SoCo. adorable vintage shops, millions of cowboy boots/hats, cute unique jewelry, crafts -- what more could you ask for?
  • get on stage. we befriended an wonderfully interactive band who invited me on stage not once but twice to help them with a chorus or two. rockstar fantasies whaaaat?
  • go off the beaten track. after tubing we stopped at the Gristmill in Gruene, TX for a snack. it was the definition of a "local watering hole". so picturesque and texas.
  • cowboy boots (when in rome)
  • comfy, light clothing
  • a bubba keg (or other non-disposable drinking device) for your tubing refreshments
  • sunscreen
  • cheap sunglasses & flip flips for tubing (you might lose them)
  • a bachelorette (helpful for free drinks and skipping lines!)

You planning a trip yet?? I hope so!

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  1. Allie you looked like such a natural singing with the band!!


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