Getaway Weekend :: Grass Valley

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What a couple of weeks! Ay caramba. The last 6 weekends in a row were filled to the brim with fun travel and visitors, while the work weeks were filled with conferences and busy preparation for my first big work event. It all culminated this past Saturday with the event, which actually went very well despite the 106 degree heat! Now I am SO ready for some summer relaxation. Catching up on things. Camping. Healthy eating. Being outdoors. Work will be all about planning for next year, and weekends will be about spending time outside and exploring. Yes!

Here are some iPhone photos from our trip to Nevada City and Grass Valley, CA, a beautiful area in the western Sierra Nevada foothills. Jimmy was heading there a couple of months ago for an animal tracking certification, and I decided to hitch on for the ride. The area is well known for it's huge part in the California Gold Rush, which is an era I'm completely fascinated by. So obviously, I was pumped when we were exploring around a river one day and came across someone who was actually panning for gold. Can you believe people still do that??

We hiked along streams, listened to live music, enjoyed the local grub, and left planning to return again soon.

Ooh. Now I want a bloody mary, BAD.

So, want to hear some big news? The new blog design is coming TOMORROW. That's right, you will barely recognize me over here! Hope you like it :).

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