Baby's First Christmas

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Where have I been? I've been missing this space. But what a wonderful holiday break it was! I have been so rejuvenated over this past month. Time with family, girls nights with friends that had me laughing my head off, a full night's sleep or two, exercise. I even took (almost) an entire week off from looking at my laptop - how refreshing! And now it's officially 2017. But before this blog moves into the New Year, I have to quickly recap Rowen's first Christmas with a quick photo dump, because ohhhh it was so special. These photos are blurry and dark and quite imperfect, but they capture the love and joy (and cuteness) of Rowen's holiday in Massachusetts! 


  1. The last picture, with the entire family around Rowen is my favorite. I am a bit sore that you were here and I didn't get to see you and meet Jim or Rowen...but then again, I am the dumb sentimental, sensitive type...She is adorable. But I am sure there was not enough time to share cuddles...Maybe someday.....

  2. Did I say Rowen is ADORABLE?? She is!


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