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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Lately, with the addition of a little deck and with the sunshiney weather allowing for wide open windows and evenings outdoors, I'm falling more and more in love with our home. I think I'm still partly surprised at how comfortable we are here, and at how spacious and "enough" it feels. I'm surprised I never feel cramped, or like I'm bumping into Jim, or like I need a big ol' bathtub. What I'm not surprised about is my contentment with the simplicity of this place. At any given moment I know exactly where all of my things are! It's all right here. We have four plates, two wine glasses, and just one spatula. (So, doing the dishes is constantly necessary, and takes all of thirty seconds). My wardrobe is shrinking every week, partially due to my need for maternity wear and partially due to my new found addiction to purging. My books and camera and all of my favorite things are within arms reach. I look outside each day at shimmering green hills and valley oak trees. It's all much, much more than enough. 

I recently got around to taking some photos of our home. Enjoy!

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