Tiny Time Capsule

Sunday, March 27, 2016

One of the reasons I love keeping a blog is to save memories - a record of life - in a 
minimalist way that doesn't require any space or clutter.  This tiny time capsule series is where 
I'll record thoughts, feelings and favorites about the current moment.

I was in LA for a quick work visit this weekend and had such a lovely time! That city is growing on me. Favorite stops included the Detox Market where I stocked up on some amazing new organic beauty materials, Gracias Madre where I enjoyed the most delicious Mexican lunch I can remember, and Wasteland where I snagged a couple of comfy, inexpensive shirts (that will work for during and after pregnancy!). 

Nesting Mode
It's kicking in hard, and I'm rolling with it. All I want to do lately is tidy and beautify the tiny house. We definitely still have some questions up in the air about how to use the space in the best way to accommodate little Figgy...but we've been doing a lot of minimizing (it never ends!) to make room for her things.

I recently realized that instead of hinting continuously to Jim that I like getting flowers sometimes,  I could just get them for myself. Duh. Having fresh flowers around has been making me so happy, especially as the weather turns towards spring! I'd love to make it a  regular habit to get to my local Saturday farmers market to grab a lovely bouquet for the week.

Bloom Retreat
A friend at work referred me to a local haven for mommas and mommas-to-be called Bloom Retreat, and I love it! I had my first prenatal massage there last week, and I plan to go back for my first acupuncture experience soon. I'm also looking forward to attending one of their ongoing Doula Community meet ups - hoping to find my doula there :). 

I hope everyone is enjoying a glorious spring day!

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