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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

So, how do you like the new look? I'm officially sun-setting 6,000 Miles to Home. It's time for something new!

Welcome to 

Some of you might have noticed over the last few weeks that a transition was afoot...I changed my username on social media, and am now using My 6,000 Miles url will still work and forward correctly, but to make sure you don't miss a post be sure to subscribe or add to your favorite blog feed! So...

Why the change?

I originally started my blog as a way to document the 6,000 mile cross-country road trip that Jim and I took back in 2011. Thus, 6,000 Miles to Home was a fitting name at the time! The blog helped us keep in touch with friends and family and save memories as we crossed America. Though I didn't originally plan to continue for as long as I have, between multiple roadtrips, living in Italy for 5 months, and then moving across the country to California, I felt there was enough to share so I kept things going. But lately I had started to feel a bit wishy-washy about the vision of this space. I was craving a new focus to help motivate new ideas and keep me inspired. 

And wow -- 2011 was a long time ago! I'm a whole different person now than I was back then. We're engaged, we're having a baby in a few months (!! what !!), and we live in a tiny house in the beautiful rolling hills of California. With all of these exciting changes, I felt an urge to turn over a new leaf.

And so, a fresh start!

Why Minimallie?

I'm Allie, and I try to live my life minimally. And perhaps it's partially forced on me - living in a tiny house has certainly made me appreciate the minimalist trend even more than I did before! But really, minimalism means more to me than just a clean aesthetic, a capsule wardrobe and fewer items. It's a way of life that I'm trying to gravitate towards, in which priorities are clear, and the removal of both physical and mental clutter helps to make room a for more purposeful, sustainable, adventurous lifestyle. I'm certainly no expert, but it's something I've been gravitating towards for awhile now, and here's where I hope to share my experiences as I navigate these waters.

What will be different?

It will be still be me, so expect more of the same style of documenting by writing + photos! I do plan to post a bit more regularly, and add a few new regular columns, so keep your eyes peeled.

So welcome to Minimallie, and I hope you'll stick with me during this new phase of my blogging journey!

p.s. Special thanks to my sweet friend (and inspirational blogger), Shannon from Happiness Is for my beautifully scripted blog header!

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