The house so far + a few links

Friday, November 20, 2015

We've officially been in our little house on wheels for three weeks, and I've gotta say, it took just about that long to feel settled! Who knew that such a small space would take so much tweaking and altering to feel comfortable. Well, we're just about there, and we're loving it already. It's wonderful knowing exactly where everything is (and having it pretty much within arms reach), and so far we haven't felt inhibited by the small space at all. It's cozy and cute and homey. And I've loved having a space to really make our own. I can't wait to share more with you about the tiny house journey! Enjoy the weekend, friends.

A few interesting things I've found:

I needed this...5 things to restore your faith in humanity.

Wonderful tricks of psychology to help you get along in life.

Man interviews himself 38 years later and makes it into a movie.

I've been thinking about grabbing a pair of these for years...who loves 'em?

Great ideas for starting each day stress free. 

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