Getaway Weekend :: New Orleans

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Want to know an awesome place to have a work conference???

You guessed it (maybe).

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana. 

New Orleans is easily one of my favorite cities - there's something incredibly special about it. Jimbo and I went there for the first time as part of our big road trip, and I fell in love. There's a hum about the city that's truly magical. It's so warm. So colorful. So eclectic. And how could you not love a city where everywhere you turn, you find live music? 

It was a terrible weekend for picture taking because I was primarily there for a work conference and couldn't bring along my nice camera, but we did manage to get a lot of good sights, sounds and eats into our long weekend.  Here's where I spent my time:

Marigny Brasserie :: the best part about this place is it's location in the Frenchmen Street section of the city, which is an adorable little neighborhood right outside the French Quarter where you can get all of the music, food and fun that you'd find on Bourbon Street but without the dirt and the crowds. We also saw a really cute music performance here while eating a tasty crab cake.
Buffa's :: a true local recommended it, so we had to try - and it didn't disappoint! Fun local join for easy, greasy New Orleans food and local live music.
Eat New Orleans :: YUM. Perfect pricing, yummy options, cozy atmosphere, and BYOB encouraged. Done and done. I got a delicious blackened catfish sandwich. 
August :: I was lucky enough to dine at this fancy place, courtesy of the conference I was at. French noms with a southern, cajun twist. My mouth waters just thinking about the flavors. If you can swing it, I can't recommend this place enough. 

Petite Amelie :: oh so cute. Yummy coffee, green juices, and even king cake - which is worth a bite :). 
Spitfire Coffee :: fully recommended for an AMAZING cappuccino. Seriously, the best. 
Cafe Du Monde :: for the famous, delicious beignets. So good with a glass of cold milk. 

Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop :: a piece of history! Built before 1772, this is supposedly the oldest continually occupied bar in the U.S. I liked the dark, ancient vibe and the outdoor bar. 
Bourbon Cowboy :: I'm happy to say that I can now cross 'throwing mardi gras beads off a Bourbon Street balcony' off my list of things to do :).
Balcony Music Club :: I love the vibe and music line up here - somehow I keep finding my way back!

French Market :: fun place to check out local crafts and yummy foods.
Frenchmen Art Market :: we had so much fun here one night! it's in the Frenchman Street area and was open at night - great place to walk around and shop with a drink in hand ;)
Royal Street :: walk all the way from one side to the other - so many adorable shops and galleries, and a live band at every corner!
Bevolo Gas & Electric Lamps :: worth peeking in the window of this beautiful store filled with the gas lamps the French Quarter is famous for.

I'll be back, New Orleans!

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