Heading to the Mountains + Links

Saturday, January 17, 2015

I'm heading up to Tahoe this weekend to get some skiing in - can't wait!  *fist pump for three day weekends*  We haven't been getting nearly enough snow out here, so I'm anticipating some East Coast flashbacks on the icy mountains. But I don't care. If you think of it this weekend, do a little Snow Dance for me! ;).  Keeping this short - heading off to the mountains!


Here are some good links for your weekend:

I think these tips might put me on an Etsy bender...

Eating better without juicing, cleansing or cutting gluten.

This trick for falling asleep seems like something worth trying.

Could you live in a town without Wi-fi?

Bring me to all these places.

This site holds wisdom, and I like it.

Ready for your New-Year-Purge?

Cute recap of 2014

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