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Thursday, May 29, 2014

I *heart* summer road trips with all of my might. They keep me running, they really do. Sunshine, breezes, new sights and adventures, how can you go wrong? I'm also pretty sure they're the glue in my relationship with Jimbo - our best talks and adventures always happen on the road. We've done two cross-USA road trips, a Euro-road trip, and each summer we end up taking countless rides on summer weekends. There's something so freeing about it! If you've packed correctly, that is - otherwise they're no fun at all. Here are some of my favorite summer road trip essentials:
1. blanket // to be used for warmth, for a pillow, and for that impromptu picnic you're sure to have.
2. cotton beach dress // something comfy, stretchy, and begging to be photographed.
3. shovel // for safety - sometimes cars get stuck.
4. rosewater spray // it's nice to freshen up with a spritz of rosewater after a few hours on the road.
5. comfy shoes // something versatile is good, you never know where you'll end up...
6. dry shampoo // if you'll be on the road for a few days, your hair might crave a pick-me-up.
7. favorite wine // beautiful views and sunsets sometimes call for wine.
8. wine opener // because, wine.
9. notebook // how else would you record all of your adventures and brainstorm your future together?
10. sunglasses // I need a new these guys.
11. cash // folks these days often depend on cards, but cash might be necessary to pay for state parks, parking, roadside fruit stands, and other emergencies like that.
12. snacks // I like to pack nuts, fruit and dark chocolate.
13. music // we use Spotify for our road trip playlists (see our Sunshine Drive playlist below!)
14. SPF chapstick // a must have.
15. a knife // you'll be surprised how much you'll use this thing, plus - safety first.

Do you have any unique road trip essentials? How about road trip songs?

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