Friday, May 23, 2014

What a week! This Aries forecast courtesy of Free People Blog sums it up pretty well. Apparently I agree with Mars, who has been "suggesting that I can't go on like this". My energy has been bottle necked I've been questioning where and how to direct my will and how to conduct myself with person(s). I'm ready for the new direction that apparently, next week will bring!

Do you believe in horoscopes? If so, what ones do you read?

On another note -- it's Memorial Day weekend everyone!! Though 3 day weekends are exciting for everyone, I think us New Englanders take Memorial Day especially seriously. In the Northeast, after what's usually a looong winter, this holiday weekend signals summer, sun, sandals and BBQs. Having the ability to finally stretch your toes and breathe in some fresh air with friends.  Here in California it seems to be less momentous, but I'll be spending it with my favorite East Coasters so I think the celebration will translate :). 

Enjoy it, friends! 

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