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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Half Dome - Yosemite - April 2013

Ciao! I hope everyone's week is starting off swimmingly. This week I'm focusing hard on getting in my flow. Working out. Sleeping. Eating healthy. Working hard during work hours and not in the off hours. I've realized it's easier to do all of this when I just say to myself "just this week". And with any luck it will stick and slide into next week as well.

I thought this photo of the lovely Half Dome in Yosemite was fitting, because another thing that's been filling my brain this week is spring/summer trips. I'm dying for some getaways. Part of my wants to try all new places, but I might have to return to Yosemite again this spring when the waterfalls are flowing. It's a magical place! If you go in May it usually isn't too crowded yet, and though it can be a bit chillier at night, the wildflowers are blooming and the waterfalls are full force due to the melting winter snow. Have you been?

Here are some little links that have been brightening up my days...

How to make a drinking glass from a bottle...this looks semi dangerous but equally awesome. Would you give it a try?

Feeling crafty? Here are 10 awesome statement wall ideas to help brighten up your space.

This simple DIY wood coat rack is just my style and looks so easy to make.

I thought I was done with cruises for a bit (I prefer more freedom on my vacations) but these 28 tips to make your next cruise awesome make me want to be cruising through the sea.

This woodland themed baby shower is tugging it making uterus jump big time.

And my favorite. I love this article about how the new English language (i.e. the one where "like", "totally" and the new "because" are used) isn't ditzy/lazy but rather a sign of empathy and warmth in humans, showing our desire for connection . It's worth a read!

Have a great week, friends! I'll be back soon with more mindfulness.

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