Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy Throwback Thursday - here's a shot from our adventure in the White Sands of New Mexico.

Currently I'm...

Listening to... Podcasts. I have been loving the TED Radio Hour for a boost of inspiration and thought provocation (subjects such as "Disruptive Leadership" and "Identities"), then Stuff You Should Know which gives me crucial details on necessities such as "How Cave Dwellers Work" and "What's the deal with the debt ceiling?". And finally, for some cutesy and mildly informative cheer, there's the Disney Story Origins Podcast, which gives me a nice dose of childhood nostalgia as well as some tidbits to share

Eating... Smoothies and stuff from the Trader Joe's frozen aisle, Ain't nobody got time for that (lately). And these amazing WOW cookies. YUM.

Reading...The Art Forger, which is mediocre so far but based in Boston, so it's giving me that dose of much needed Boston Love. And I just finished Walden on Wheels by Ken Ilgunas which I absolutely loved. Favorite quote: “On this voyage, I couldn't help but think we need need. We need to be forced to go outside. We need to be forced to depend on one another. we need to be forced to sacrifice, to grow a garden, to fix a rood, to interact with neighbors. Nature has been all around me as a boy. It unleashed terrifying storms, spun circular cycles, inflicted bone-chilling, cold and renewed itself with springy revivifications. Yet I was completely oblivious to it all. I was playing video games.” 

Watching... Downton Abbey - it's just so gosh darn adorbs. Can someone throw me a 1920's English-royal-countryside-bazaar themed party someday?

Feeling...balanced and well slept, thanks to a beautiful and calming remote reiki treatment I received the other night from the lovely Shannon Eileen. It was amazing and so unique - feel free to reach out if you are curious about my experience with it!

Excited about...summer travels. It's about that time to start planning some new adventures, and my wheels are turning...

I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely week!

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