A Lil Piece of Home

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I've been getting back in the groove after a trip home to Massachusetts last week. The visit was half-work half-play, but even the work parts felt wonderful. I had been craving the snow, not truly believe it was winter yet despite the date on the calendar. I needed to see my family's holiday tomtes and slurp my mom's homemade maple syrup. I needed some snowfall on red barns and warm kitty snuggles. I needed my besties in matching New England-girl boots, and even slushy Boston sidewalks, which warmed my heart this time around even though I used to despise them. And I needed my soothing Atlantic ocean, which is so, so different than the Pacific.

Thank you family and friends for giving me so much warmth and love that I think it might just last me until next time :). 



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