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Friday, November 22, 2013

We road tripped through a few European countries in March 2012, and Lucerne was one of the places we didn't spend quite enough time in. We're country folk these days and so we usually only do quick stops in cities, opting to explore the coast and countryside more often. But Lucerne was so clean, colorful, and historical yet modern - I know I'm meant to return one day!


Here are some links I've come across this week...

Yep, add these to the wanderlust list

Wonderfully unique self portraits by a shy photographer

The craziest OkCupid date ever. Not gonna lie, I kind of wanna try this. Maybe with a friend, not a stranger.

What an amazing film - this trailer gave me the chills/tears combo.

In case you want a little more chills/tears combo, Google is on top of their game.

I'm pretty sure Jimbo could build me a subterranean breakfast nook! Or a fort.

Enjoy the weekend, lovelies! My goal is to crush some sleep and crush some holiday about you??

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