Live Music Weekend

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Fillmore^^ 

^^Hanging with The Stone Foxes. But more importantly, the new friend I met on the left there was meant to be my new bestie after a great night of gallivanting together...but after the show I lost her phone number!! Sad story! If you know her, give me a holler ;)

Jimmy and I had a weekend o' music. Rocking out, dancing and singing my heart out (interspersed with the laziest lazy days) was exactly what I needed after a trying week. We got so amped up by the two great shows we went to, that we also grabbed tix to another upcoming show, and spent the rest of the weekend scouring for new artists on Spotify.

Care to hear some new stuff? Here's a little mix of the shows we saw this weekend + shows coming up + new stuff we found this weekend.

Have you had your live music fix lately?? Who did you see?

Have a wonderful week!

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