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Monday, October 28, 2013

I hope everyone had a beautiful October weekend! Are you kind of sad that the month is almost over, like me? I love October. But at least I was able to say a lovely farewell- basking in the crisp air, bright sun, and colored leaves all weekend up in Guerneville with friends. We ran, we sipped, we ate, we relaxed, and we played. So fun.

And my race motivation really worked! My playlist was amazing. I listed a few of my faves from the playlist at the bottom of this post in case you've been craving some new workout tunes. And the costumes definitely helped. Watching our Mario and Luigi run around in full-on denim overalls and hearing passersby wonder aloud whether Jim was dressed as a ghost or a sperm really picked up the mood. Plus we WON the team costume competition. (Thanks for the delicious prize wine, Hawkes!)

 But there was one unlisted helper that really helped get me through those last few painful miles. This guy:

Jimmy helped us keep a nice steady pace, and every once in awhile when I felt like I might start dragging, he'd reach out his hand and give me the boost I needed. Towards the end my ankles were aching and my muscles were losing steam, but we knew we wanted a strong finish. So Jim fought through his own exhaustion to grab my hand and help us speed up through the end. Thanks Jimmy - I'll never make you run a 1/2 marathon again! ;)

Here are some more shots from the weekend.

Allie's Half Marathon Power playlist:


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