Thursday, October 31, 2013


This is one of the best holidays ever. Creepiness and costumes, ghost stories and pumpkins, babies dressed up like animals and adults...how can you go wrong?

I guess I also like it because I kind of think of Halloween as an anniversary. Jim and I actually started dating in the summer, but we didn't really take it seriously because Jimbo was about to head across the country for a wilderness certification program in Washington. But we kept in touch while he was gone....and when he told me that he had to visit Boston for a "dentist appointment", I subtly suggested that he line it up with the Halloween party my roommates and I were having in South Boston. And he did!

I looked forward to his visit but I had no idea what to expect. I was enjoying the single life, and I have an uncanny ability to keep my hopes and expectations exactly where I want them to be (which in this case was low). I figured it would just be friendly, that he'd want to spend time with his buddies and that nothing would really come of it for us. But then he asked me to pick him up from the airport. Then I realized that he hadn't made any other plans for his visit home besides spending time with me. Then he mentioned visiting again for Thanksgiving, and again for Christmas. And slowly but surely I let my expectations creep up, as I realized this might just be the beginning of many holidays together.

Here's a throwback to our Halloweens:

^^Our first Halloween together in Southie 

dressed as wedding goers at our bestie's reception in Jackson, NH (obviously having no fun at all)^^

 ^^Mary Poppins and Bert in Boston! I loved the little birdie on my shoulder...

13.2 miles later in Healdsburg, Boo and Princess Peach ^^

I hope everyone's enjoying the day!

Get scared, be silly, and eat as much candy as you want ;).

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