Getaway Weekend :: "Lost" in Sinkyone Wilderness Park

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What an escape!

This Labor Day weekend, Jimmy and I traveled north to Mendocino County again. But this time, it was to a part of the state where time stands still, cell service is lost entirely, and you're only invited if you have 4 wheel drive and your own stash of toilet paper. We stayed at Sinkyone Wilderness State Park, part of California's "Lost Coast". This is the part of the state where gorgeous Route 1 veers off the coast, joining up with Highway 101 about 15+ miles inland, so there are no paved roads along the gorgeous coastline. Which of course, is all the better for those of us willing to roll off the beaten track.

After packing up all of our camping necessities we drove the scenic route north, stopping for coffee/scenic vistas as we went, and finally meeting up with our dear friends Danny & Krista who made the drive all the way from Ashland, OR to meet us. It was one of the best weekends I've had in a long time, and here are the moments I'll remember it by - both pictured and not-pictured:

What you see here:
  1. sunflowers and sunshine along route 29 on our way north
  2. strong, strong coffee in a pretty loaned mug 
  3. blueberry pancakes on the fire
  4. our little slice of heaven
  5. alder grove
  6. stripped down on the beach
  7. friends & love
  8.we admired this Osprey, her family, and her pretty nest for at least an hour 
  9. hiking a little tiny piece of the Lost Coast Trail
  10. bird's eye view of the beach
  11. this is why I moved to California
  12. girl chat on the beach at sunset while the boys search for rhinoceros auklets
  13. I could stay in this spot forever and ever
  14. there was a fire in the sky welcoming us home

What you don't:
  1. mixed sounds of the ocean crashing and the alders creaking as we fell asleep
  2. the taste of almond meal/walnut/blueberry pancakes crisped in leftover bacon fat
  3. the look on Jim's face and the accompanying laughter after he accidentally swung a 6-foot tree limb into our pile of dishes at full speed (only 1 plate broke!)
  4. the heat and light of our little beach fire in a sea of blackness
  5. Danny lulling us into dreamland with his hypnotic flute playing
  6. the anticipation/thrill/fear of waking up to the sound of a (probably large) animal rustling around outside your tent 
  7. fire-belly feeling that comes from sipping best homemade whiskey in the world

We found you, Lost Coast! And we'll be back.

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