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Thursday, August 29, 2013

August is almost over! Does that mean I need to be done with my summer to-do list? Hmmm... I vote no. The weather is still warm and sunny and beautiful and I'd be willing to guess that "summer" lasts til November out here in the East Bay. Part of me thinks that's wonderful, as I have some more camping and summer adventuring in store. But part of me already misses the crackly, orange, fresh, cool, snuggly New England autumn that I'll miss out on this year. New England friends - please think of me when you put that first steaming hot cider doughnut or pumpkin latte to your lips!!

But before I move on...a recap of the things I enjoyed most this August.

Trader Joe's Cold Brew Coffee. What a delicious and convenient time-saver! I've been craving coffee that's iced and strong, and this stuff does the trick for those days that I forget to brew and chill a pot (aka every day). At first I shook my head disapprovingly when I saw the bottle on the shelf, because foodie trends get on my nerves sometimes. But I figured I'd give it a shot (these trends are usually there for a in point: my beloved coconut oil). And of course, I'm glad I did.

Cold brew coffee is generally smoother, milder, and less acidic than hot brewed. It's also stronger by volume, which means the bottle lasts longer than you'd think, because it's supposed to be mixed with water or milk (or whatever you prefer) to lighten it up. The suggested preparation is 1 part coffee concentrate with 2 parts water or milk...but I go more for a 50-50 mix. It pumps me up. And instead of water, lately I've been going for chocolate almond milk...because it's yummy!

OPI's new San Francisco line. I'm not really a nail fanatic - I tend to go au naturel when it comes to my nails, or I keep it simple with some nail colors I've had on repeat for years. But when I found out about this OPI "San Francisco" line with adorable names like Muir Muir on the Wall, Dining al Frisco, First Date at the Golden Gate, and Embarca-Dare ya! -- I knew I needed at least one of the colors in my stash! (I went for Lost on Lombard).

MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre. Love this! My friend Rachel's lovely sister helped us do our makeup before our other friend's wedding a few weeks ago, and she introduced me to this gem. It's great to use as a base for eye shadow, or even as eye shadow itself for a casual day look. It goes on smooth and creamy and feels light, plus it lasts all day.

Talenti Caribbean Coconut Gelato. Oh my. Oh my. Have you tried this? It's one of the fancy (read: expensive) ice creams in the frozen aisle that I try to avoid for the sake of my health and wallet. But when your boyfriend runs out on the scooter for a midnight snack and comes back with coconut's time to indulge. I love that it only has a handful of ingredients, and that there are little flakes of coconut sprinkled throughout. It's creamy, and decadent, and rich and smooth...the flavor melts on your tongue in the most perfect way and...............I'm drooling.

My new Sodastream! I never thought I'd get one of these. I like keeping it simple in the kitchen; the fewer appliances and doohickeys the better. This just seemed like one of those extra things people throw on their registries that ends up taking valuable space on the counter or storage. But suddenly one day, I realized Jim and I were fighting for the 78th time that month over who gets the last soda water in the fridge. We always want it! We buy a couple of bottles every time we go grocery shopping. And that's not very green. So we decided one of these would be worth the investment, and yes, it's been awesome. Take some cold filtered water, fizz it up, add some fruit or sprigs of mint and BOOM. Tasty treat.

Sound Opinions podcast. I love my podcasts lately! This one is awesome; a great way to learn about upcoming bands, and music in general actually. I've been loving Emilie Sande, and the other day she was on talking about how she got into the biz, and singing beautiful unplugged versions of her songs. I love her even more now! It was also cool to hear Lindsey Buckingham in one episode, chatting about the drama behind the Fleetwood Mac Rumours album, one of my favorite albums ever. Check it out!

Well those are my faves for now, what have you been loving lately??

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