Getaway Weekend :: Boonville

Friday, August 16, 2013


Where we stayed: Our friends had rented an amazing house called The Other Place, rented from Sheep Dung Properties, and they were kind enough to invite us to join them for the weekend. I couldn't even stand the perfection. It's an adorable and simple cottage perched on a hillside offering 180 views of the Anderson Valley. The sunsets were incredible. There were hiking paths to explore, hammocks to lounge in, games to play and a pond to dunk in. And obviously, as you see in the photos, they are very dog friendly - if it's possible, I think the pups had even more fun than we did. 
Where we ate: Mostly at home, because how can you beat that view?? We also loved the quinoa salad and cupcake (and ambiance) we experienced at the Boonville General Store where we stopped for lunch one day. We also went to the Mosswood Cafe multiple times for lattes, and spying the delicious homemade empanadas in the case we couldn't help but grab a couple for breakfast on our way out of town. I had the basil, bacon and goat cheese variety. MmmmMMmmm.
What we drank: Oh wine country, how I love you. This was our second time up in the Anderson Valley wine region, and we immediately went back to one of my favorites from before: Breggo. I love every vino they offer, and they have lovely Adirondacks outside with gorgeous views. Right around the corner, we discovered the Lichen Estate - and it was one of the most charming tastings we've ever been to! It was located in a beautiful old home, surrounded by old gnarly oak trees covered in (you guessed it) lichens. The sommelier was extremely knowledgeable and we enjoyed some amazing pinot noir around the dining room table. I'd recommend!
What we did: Hmm, if you split up the amount of time spent on each activity ---- it was 20% eating, 30% wine drinking, 20% card playing, 20% exploring town, 10% hiking. 100% watching the dogs play and have the time of their lives. 100% relaxing :).

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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