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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Can I just photo-dump right now? Is that allowed? This collection of photos is as random as can be. Not to mention fuzzy and mediocre at best. This past month has been filled to the brim with amazing weekends and Cali adventures. Some Boston adventures snuck in there, too! I didn't blog a bit, and I took most photos on the good camera, so I can't wait to go into more detail on the various excursions. But for now my old trusty iPhone photos will have to do the trick.

1. stream hiking up in the Sierras
2. beautiful flight to Boston
3. relaxing at the pond in Boonville
4. enjoying our new backyard and a favorite red
5. hiking with friends at Lassen National park
6. celebrating the love of dear friends!
7. bridesmaid flowers
8. puppy napping after a day at the beach
9. enjoying a city garden
10. Lagunitas and bbq oysters at Hog Island Oysters
11. enjoying the dunes at Moss Beach
Ahh that feels better. Starting fresh now! On to new adventures.
Oh but before I sign off, here are some amazing links I've recently come across:
  • I freaking love this video of a talented impressionist singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" in the voice of 19 other well known divas.
  • Chill inducing video of a  love poem written by a talented man with OCD.
  • This site Shopikon helps us all discover the best independent local stores and products in some of the major cities around the world. I'll be tackling every store on the SF list pronto.
  • Care to live on Mars? They are taking applications. Seriously. Jimbo thinks we should sign up, but I told him that I enjoy things like sushi, the ocean, and my family too much (so don't worry Patti!).
  • I love goals and lists. I should probably get going on this.
Thanks for checking in, all!! Happy hump day!

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