Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pics from a beach walk with my friends and their Vizsla a few weeks ago. A dog playing in the waves and chasing birds -- that's what pure bliss looks like.
It has been incredibly busy around here. Spring always is, isn't it?? But I had to check in with a few awesome updates. First and foremost: my sister is moving to San Francisco!!!!!!!!!!!! (That is an obnoxious amount of exclamation points, but I honestly had to really restrain myself from doing even more). I am so excited to have my best friend back in the same time zone as me. And I'm so, so proud of her for making this enormous change and coming out here, I know she's going to just LOVE it. See you soon, Steph!! Can't wait to shop and travel and eat and laugh and talk and play with you again!
The other exciting update is that I'm about to have an extreme blog makeover. I've been complaining to Jim for awhile about my mediocre layout and lack of design skills, and how I really want to blog more, and how I really think I would if only I had a gorgeous and unique blog that I was a little more proud of. And you know what? The man took the hint and hooked me up with a designer who's going to help spruce things up a bit. The process is still in beginning stages, but hopefully before long things will be looking shiny and new around here!
That's all for now, but here are some recent links I'm lovin':
  • I think Steph and I should start doing this.
  • Travel seems like the one thing Jimbo and I do agree on, but for couples who have more trouble with this here are some tips on how to get your travel dreams in line.
  • I want to read about a thousand books right now! Add these ones to the list...
  • On Pinterest I'm always saying that I'll try this or that (but it never happens). Maybe this challenge will motivate me to actually give something a shot.
  • Best socks for travel. I want some!
  • Vietnam is now on my travel list.

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