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Monday, October 1, 2012

Here are some quick shots of recent moments here in Tuscany. If they seem extremely random and sometimes blurry...well, so is life :).

1. some amazing pizza at our favorite place in Puglia - Anima & Cuore
2. Gallipoli at sunset
3. crazy flooding on the farm
4. the famous Baroque architecture of Lecce, Puglia
5. Anima & Cuore again, this time with pistacchio cream sauce & pancetta.....mouth.watering.
6. a tiny and magical bamboo forest in nearby Corazzano
7. the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea on Puglia's coast
8. tanti funghi!!
9. Pino, the coolest farm cat in town
10. the streets of Lecce during siesta
11. two huuuge glasses of 'Rosati' served with swordfish carpacchio
12. pizza again, this time in Gallipoli
13. sunset, ocean, vino bianco: perfetto

We are officially at the two week mark folks...soon we'll be returning to our dear home. There is so much to do and so much to see in these last couple of weeks, so I'll be updating with more, molto presto!

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