Food, Wine and Francing

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Continuing on with our girly getaway! After Cinque Terre we continued north to the south of France, spending a couple of nights right outside Cannes and enjoying our fill of cheese, wine, dancing, and more cheese.

Memorable moments:
1. making rather than spending money on the tolls heading into France (make sure to grab your change, and apparently you'll grab many other people's change as well!)
2. meeting up with Meg's Toulousaine family for an amazing seafood dinner in Cannes
3. breakfast of chewy french bread and perfect honey before a day at the beach
4. walking around the grocery store forever and then coming out with WAY too much wine and stinky cheese
5. dance parties
6. a quick but lovely day in Nice: nutella panini, cappuccino, salads & wine on the beach, jumping for joy!
7. jamming out to the same amazing mix cd for hours in the car

I love these girls!

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