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Monday, August 6, 2012

Ciao ragazzi - happy Monday!

We are having a lovely one over here, tending and fixing and cleaning and organizing, and generally catching up on things. We have been busier than I expected here on the farm! Which (poorly) explains the reason for my lack of posts lately. Better late than never - here are photos from our trip down to Maremma!

On the way down we took a quick stop in Volterra just to check it out (verdict: cute!), then had a quick coffee and a sandwich an hour north of Massa Marittima. It was a LONG RIDE on the scooter so we needed to stop frequently for stretches and sunscreen.

When we arrived in Orbetello we immediately checked in and took a dunk in the pool after a long & hot ride on the ol' scoot, and then hopped right back on to explore the beautiful peninsula of Monte Argentario. What an amazing and underestimated place! We spent too long of a time searching for a supposedly beautiful beach called Cala Piccola thanks to this article, but eventually found out that it's only accessible to the Cala Piccola Hotel guests and neighborhood residents. Womp womp. But even the search for it up and down the steep coastal cliffs was a blast, and instead we cruised along the coastline, slowly but surely soaking in one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen.

After working up an appetite we finished the day by returning to the little town of Orbetello, to walk around and eat a delicious traditional summer-Tuscan meal of white wine, seafood bruschetta, fish, and gelato (though maybe not in that order since Jimmy needs his gelato when he needs it).

The next day we checked out Maremma Natural Park, where we relaxed at a gorgeous beach right along a beautiful pine forest. We'd read that this area of the coast is known for being completely natural and unspoilt, and it didn't disappoint.  After too much sunshine and salt water, we headed home, stopping for a quick dip in the Bagni di Petriolo on the way back.

More to come soon - some of my most favorite people are visiting over the next couple of weeks (eeee!!) so I will have lots of good stuff to share.

A presto ragazzi!

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